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Why us?

CRV Gudka stands out as your premier partner having technical expertise in corporate law, governance, and compliance. Engaging experts ensures that the company benefits from the latest industry knowledge and best practices. We prioritize the confidentiality of sensitive corporate information, implementing robust measures to protect data.

For multinational companies, engaging corporate and secretarial services provides accessibility for global expertise and support, ensuring conformity with international regulations and practices. We ensure compliance with complex and frequently changing corporate laws and regulations.


Our Corporate & Secretarial Services

Selecting us involves careful consideration of our expertise in company incorporation services, compliance after incorporation, comprehensive secretarial services and cost. Businesses need to assess their specific needs and goals to ensure to align with the requirements for compliance, efficiency, and support.

As your company grows or undergoes changes, our scalable services accommodate new requirements, such as changes in corporate structure or international expansion. Leveraging advanced technologies and software solutions, we streamline processes for optimal efficiency


Corporate & Secretarial service

CRV Gudka’s company secretarial services help businesses manage legal and administrative tasks, ensuring compliance with regulations, maintaining proper records, and facilitating smooth communication between the company and regulatory authorities.

From the register of corporate secretaries to business registration office tasks, we handle the complexities with precision. Outsourcing these services to CRV Gudka guarantees accuracy and adherence to regulatory requirements.

We can assist you with company formations which would include:

Advice on the Pros and Cons of Incorporation in Your Situation

Assisting in registering and protecting trademarks and other intellectual property assets.

Appointment of Directors

Appointment of directors involves selecting qualified individuals to oversee and guide a company's strategic decisions and operations.

Appointment of Company Secretary

it's a crucial corporate governance step, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Issue of subscriber shares

Subscriber shares represent ownership in a company, issued to early investors before a public offering

Registered Office Services s

Offer a physical address for businesses to fulfil legal requirements and receive official correspondence.

Completion of all Necessary Minutes and Resolutions

Completion of minutes and resolutions ensures proper documentation and adherence to organizational decisions and actions.

Tax Review Concerning Company Formation

Check tax rules when starting a company; ensure compliance and understand implications for financial planning.

VAT Registration

VAT registration is the process of signing up for and obtaining a Value Added Tax number.

Company Registration for Corporation Tax

Register your company for Corporation Tax to comply with tax regulations and fulfil legal obligations.

Set up Company PAYE Scheme

Register your company for PAYE to manage employee taxes, ensuring compliance with payroll regulations and reporting.

Bookkeeping Set-up Advice

Organize records, categorize expenses, use accounting software, and keep receipts for efficient bookkeeping setup.

Business Plans

Business plans outline goals, strategies, and financial details to guide a company's growth and success.

Giving Notice of General Meetings

Notify members about meetings: date, time, location. Include agenda. Sufficient time for preparation and attendance.

Drafting Agendas for Company Meetings

Plan meeting topics, set goals, allocate time wisely, ensure participation, and communicate key points effectively.

Preparing Minutes of Meetings

Record key points discussed, decisions made, and actions assigned during meetings for future reference and clarity.

Carrying out Company Searches

Company searches involve checking information about a business, like its status, directors, and financial records.

Maintenance of Statutory Registers

Record and update official documents regularly to comply with legal requirements and regulations in business.

Filing of Annual Return

Filing annual return means submitting a summary of your yearly financial and operational information to the relevant authorities.

Submission of Statutory Documents

Submitting required papers to meet legal rules and regulations for official approval or compliance.

Acting as Company Secretary

A company secretary plays a crucial role in ensuring regulatory compliance and effective corporate governance within an organization.

CRV Gudka's Corporate & Secretarial Services encompass various elements crucial for effective corporate governance, compliance, and administrative functions within a business entity. Trust CRV Gudka for expert guidance and support in navigating the intricacies of private company registration, compliance, and secretarial matters.

Our comprehensive services contribute to the smooth functioning and legal compliance of your business entity in North West London and beyond